Thursday, 10 August 2017

Drink Up my hydration level

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If you measured my hydration level, I’m pretty sure most of the time I’d be on the raisin scale and that applies to both my skin and the amount of water I drink. From an early age we’re told to try and drink up to 8 glasses (or 2 litres) of water a day and for as long as I can remember I’ve always struggled with this. It’s not that I find drinking water boring, it’s just that I don’t ever really get that major thirsty feeling and I’m always so busy I forget to sip (and sipping is key people). I have a number of different methods I like to use to try and encourage me to drink more water throughout the day, including apps and special bottles with time targets. Personally, I love drinking water, but you’d be amazed by the amount of people who just can’t stand the taste or say it’s boring and have to add a dash of squash or cordial to make it more bearable. Thanks to Pinterest, fruit infused water has become a summer staple and I wanted to share with you a few of my favourite fruity concoctions. Not only do they add flavour to your water, but they also all have their own benefits for your health by boosting your water with natural antioxidants. Throw in some ice and a couple of pretty straws and you’re good to go! Water has never looked or tasted so pretty and it takes no time at all.

Strawberry and Basil – This is my favourite surprisingly. You wouldn’t necessarily think basil will taste nice in water, but it actually does. It’s light, refreshing and has a lovely sweet taste from the strawberries.

Lemon, Blackberry & Rosemary – A little more on the bitter side but still delicious and the rosemary gives it that slightly more fragranced taste.

Raspberry and Mint – Another favourite of mine! Anything with mint in it will always be a winner as it’s just so fresh and summery.

Orange, Lemon & Lime – This is probably the most popular among fruit water lovers as it’s packed with citrus slices and is very refreshing.

Lime and Blueberry – The lime and blueberries together form a lovely zingy taste!

Drink Up my hydration level

August 10, 2017

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